With our dedicated team of Six Sigma and ITIL consultants having decades of experiences in quality and process excellence, we drive re-engineering and process excellence initiatives for corporates, SMBs and even in Government initiatives.

Digital Transformation

Our expertise in the Digital Transformation enables you to realize the maximum potential of your business processes, while also helping you to develop new capabilities to better reach out to customers, partners, and employees. With digitization, business processes are automated to reduce manual errors and time invested to complete a task. In addition, it supports robust, scalable platform that brings together users, clients, and other resources, facilitating better communication to form small independent groups, working together to achieve desired results and solve problems. A dedicated team of qualified digital marketers continually provide support to our customers to analyze the footprints of their customers on social media networks, resulting a clear understanding of their preferences. This helps our customers to align their plan and actions to develop a social capital that is responsive and effective as well.

  • Digital Transformation

  • Design Thinking
Design Thinking

We apply design thinking approach in providing re-engineering services, ensuring to optimize the value created by the system or business processes for our clients and end-users. Design thinking promotes the idea of Human-centric design that makes a process or a system interactive, intuitive, and efficient. With human-centric, we mean design that covers all the critical aspects for the people who are associated with the system today or in future. These aspects include the impact of the system on the users, other members, society, country, and the planet as a whole, with respect to the health and feasibility. Each design before being implemented is carried out after rigorous, integrated prototypes to evaluate the system in real working condition.

Green Design Consulting

The more people are getting aware about the threats of global warming, more they are inclining towards going green. This monster of Frankenstein is real now and the only way we could deal with this is changing the manner how we treat nature and natural resources. We have to understand that going Green is not anymore a choice but the only possible technique to sustain the challenges of global warming. Also, at this stage, people cannot simply brush the problem as “not just my own”, but come forward to adopt available solutions. Our Green Design Consulting is based on Design for Environment concept that helps large and small business houses to adopt practices that are environment friendly and viable. Some examples are using recyclable material, eliminate the use of surface treatments, and proper disposal and reuse of hazardous material.

  • Green Design Consulting

  • Financial-Restructuring
Financial Restructuring

As the term suggests is used when Sick Companies need to be revived and refinanced. Our expertise lies in making in-depth studies to identify critical factors and re-engineer the business around them. The financial structure is then revised in tune with the re-engineered business for optimum results. We work in collaboration with BIFR to identify and reach out to such companies. We enable them refurbish during the restructuring process in which Asset Management becomes an integral part of the process.

When Financial Support or loans are required to sustain the business, we also ensure that these are made available.

Process Excellence

We undertake studies of current practices, processes, measurements, evaluation, governance, controls model, management reporting and authorization matrix. Based on our exploratory studies we design the processes by implanting the findings and rectifying the gaps in the processes. These process gaps are typically from a standardization, centralization or governance perspective. Post this the designed processes and control mechanisms are implemented. We also handhold clients from the perspective of the institutionalization of the standard operating procedures.

  • Process Excellence


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