Corporate Social Responsibility, once deemed as a noble contribution has now become a compliance and mandate. Leading to vast gap in understanding, capability and expertize in driving such programs and extending benefits to deprived people and building sustainable societies.
Asrym works as your consulting and project implementation partner to create a roadmap for company’s CSR Strategy. We have partnered with world leading NGOs such as Sehgal Foundation, SayTress, Times CSR Foundation and many more.

Enabling Corporates CSR Initiatives

Pre-Survey/ Need Assessment Studies: We conduct Need Assessment for CSR projects of companies, which will help the company identify real need on the ground and intervene with impact making Sustainable CSR Projects.
Develop CSR Strategy and Vision: We enable organisations with a CSR Policy creation process that suggests steps to develop a CSR strategy and Policy and identifies the key building blocks for initiating and developing the CSR programs.
Implementation and Partnerships: We enable organisations create CSR project schedules and implement them on ground through our CSR partners. With our experience in enabling CSR initiatives of organisations across the country, we help in joint implementation of the CSR projects through our expertise and wide partnership network with NGOs and specialized agencies across the country.
CSR Impact Assessment/ Concurrent Monitoring & CSR Evaluation: We use assessment tools and monitoring techniques to ensure that all projects happen as planned. We undertake assessment of ground level activities to ensure meeting the CSR target and compliances.
CSR Reporting, Audit and Communication: We enable companies in reaching out to relevant stakeholders through CSR reports, Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, Website Reporting and Newsletters.

  • Enabling-Corporates-CSR-Initiatives

  • Develop-CSR-Strategy-and-Vision
Enabling NGOs Sustainable CSR Initiatives

Partnerships with Corporate Sector: We enable alignment of the NGOs with the Corporates CSR vision and help them create partnerships in projects.
Sustainable Projects: We help NGOs / Organizations to develop self-sustainable projects with emphasis on maximum utilization of resources, cost minimization and efficiency of revenue generation activities within the project.
Capacity Building: We help improve internal systems and processes in NGOs so as to enhance their professional outlook and improve operational and management systems like Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Communications, etc.
Reporting and Communication: We enable NGOs in reaching out to relevant stakeholders through CSR Reports, Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, Website Reporting and Newsletters


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