In today’s competitive world, Business Intelligence is crucial to companies and especially, to decision makers, since it enables managers make smarter decisions by providing them with a broad and accurate picture of the business.
According to Industry Analyst studies, more than 80% of organization relationship data is in the company’s email systems. This data needs to be effectively used and integrated with multiple business applications for best results.

Relationship Analytics

Though organisations understand the importance of Messaging Intelligence, we use it through our tools and enable the organisation leverage it to their benefit.
Each organisation has a lot of conversations happening at a given point in time. These are built around individual interaction within the organisation and the external business ecosystem. Collecting these conversations through logs and converting the data into usable intelligence can result in running an organisation more efficiently.
For the first time in India we are bringing together the tools that make Messaging Intelligence useful to an organisation and enables them leverage these conversations to increase business.
Our APIs are integrated into the organisations existing CRM/ GRC or HRM Platforms to enable them get useful data analysis.
These tools are available to you through our partners TrustSphere.

  • Relationship-Analytics

  • Risk-Analytics
Risk Analytics

In today’s competitive world, organisations are always at a risk of being involved in thefts, corporate espionage and financial embezzlements. The first stage of any investigation is to piece together what went on and how different people may be connected. Quickly understanding both the internal and external networks is critical to solving the case. TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics Solutions enable investigators to instantly piece together the networks surrounding individuals who are allegedly involved in any situation.
Collusion happens between people who already know one another. Understanding the strength of the relationship between these people and being able to intuitively explore their interactions using real-time data gives analysts unprecedented capabilities to resolve cases. By providing a unique line of insight through specially generated alerts and reports, TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics Solutions will significantly augment your organization’s compliance procedures and regulations.
• Rapidly Evaluate Relationships of Interest
• Monitor for Potential Data Leakage
• Benchmark Normalcy

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics enable more effective and fact-based decision making. These analytics give a look into the pipeline and funnel to get a better idea of what’s going on in certain stages: when deals will close, how long they’ll take, and more. With real time Sales Analytics, since all the data that is necessary for the Sales Team to make choices related to sales is available, decisions are easier to take. The TrustSphere Sales Analytic tool ensures that any conversation between the customer and the organization is visible within the client CRM system, thus giving the Sales Executive an edge.

  • Sales-Analytics

  • Web-Analytics
Web Analytics

A generic term meaning the study of the impact of a website on its users. However, since the contact points of an individual with the web space has undergone changes with the arrival of app on iOS, Android, the way people are reaching out to a brand is also becoming more complex. Our tools and methodologies help you track specific actions or incidents and monitor how people are using any feature on your web connect across multi-channel performance marketing channels. Being able to make good decisions faster will compound their effectiveness for the organisation.

Consumer Analytics

Tools for a more engaged Customer
It is a process in which data from consumer behaviour is used to help make key business decisions through market segmentation and projecting analytics. This information is used by businesses for direct marketing, site selection, and consumer relationship management. With an insurmountable amount of information available at their fingertips — about products, brands, prices, competitive offerings, and more — consumers today are more in charge than ever before. They want what they want, where they want it. Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off experiences—it’s an ongoing dialogue. How an organisation engages with the customers, how it rewards engagement, impacts how customers view the brand. And, this in turn builds loyalty to a brand. Consumer engagement is a continuous cycle.
To continue serving your existing customers, prevent attrition, and build stronger relationships, you need to offer them the right product, at the right time, through the right channel, using the right message. And, this information is available at your fingertips with our Consumer Analytics tools.

  • Consumer-Analytics

  • People Analytics
People Analytics

Tools for greater Employee Engagement
People are an organisations differentiating asset. People Analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. Within the organisation various people have their own take on relationships which they have built. Understanding these relationships, the interactions and their strengths can help change the way organisations work. Relationships and networks created and maintained by employees, are a rich source of data which can be used to support better HR decision making. We enable organisations transform various processes and decisions via insights generated from employee communications, relationships and networks. This results in more informed Human Resources related decisions such as succession planning, performance management, talent scouting and also building a better people organisation.
Our People Analytics tools help you create more informed and engaged employees.

Performance Marketing

It is a Digital Engagement Tool that channelizes Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of media. In today’s context one-to-one communication there are various digital touch points with a Consumer, emails, SMS, websites or social media. To intelligently use the given resources, our Consumer Analytics tool provides you data that enables you take an informed decision about what tools to use for which customer.

  • Performance-Marketing

  • Digital-Market-Place
Digital Market Place

Arsym is in the process of creating a Digital Market Place where all indigenous businesses will come to work together and participate in each other’s growth. The focus is currently on the SMB segment and our vision is to give boost to this segment.
Our Loyalty Program “Swadeshi” is a move in this direction. Under the Swadeshi Loyalty Program all participating merchants will benefit from the program by way of growing customers and repeat business. This will enable creating a Business Ecosystem for Indian Diaspora from across the globe.


Organizational Relationship Management – People are the most important asset of an organisation. Within the organisation a whole lot of conversations are happening at any given point in time. These conversations are captured in CRM systems, through Social Media interactions and an extensive amount by way of email exchange. According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Forrestoe, while CRMs and Enterprise Social Media conversation are only about 12% of the total conversations taking place. A whopping 80%+ conversations are happening through emails. Our ORM tools enable us understand these conversations and collate the data.

  • Organizational-Relationship-Management


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